Bold attempts at crochet

This is my first attempt at crochet ever. I learnt some valuable lessons here. (a) Very fine thread will make your eyes ache. (b) You need a REALLY strong halogen light if you want to work at night. (c) Said halogen light will feel really hot if it’s summer.

Jokes apart, this was actually hyper ambitious given that I had only crocheted simple chains before this, and this was a pattern that had the capacity to go spectacularly pear-shaped if not followed to a T. And then I had the super-bright idea of beading the tips. Oh the pain of repeating it all round the circle! Not recommended for lazy easily-bored gits like me.

So my next attempt at what they call ‘working in the round’ was the decidedly more boredom friendly and fool-proof doily below which I gave a friend. Different colours to look forward to- check. More or less idiot-proof pattern- check. Wool/ thick cotton so easier to handle-check. Plus the added felicity of no painstaking beading required!


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