The pink scarf

 got a bit more ambitious after working in the round and decided to crochet myself a scarf. Here it is.

What I learnt from this is that yarns of different thickness seldom work well unless you possess a skill level that I clearly do not. And this can make the scarf curl in funny ways if you were working lengthwise on it. Also that machine washing a crocheted scarf is asking for trouble (this is a before picture- the after picture is a bit of a letdown). I used a technique called filet crochet in some of the rows (the mesh in the middle in the pink part is the filet crochet bit).

I also crocheted a baby blanket after this using a combination of double crochet and treble crochet, and with a purple and cream flower on top. I don’t have a picture of that unfortunately- it was a gift that I gave away before I had the sense to take a picture. The colour combination was a jaunty stripey purple, mauve and cream, repeated down the blanket.

Then here is the next indeterminate useful thing I made. My mother is kindly using this as a table runner.

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