A lovely little snack

A slice of multi-grain Ryvita (with extra seeds and nuts); some mussels in vinegar; snip some chives on top.
That’s it.



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2 responses to “A lovely little snack

  1. Shruti

    You should also try this variation of cracker-type starters: Start with McVite’s Water wafers. Layer with lumps of feta cheese. The feta should be cold – straight from the chiller tray, otherwise it doesn’t crumble, it just melts. Top with Thai sweet chilli sauce. Add on green olives (prefer the de-seeded ones with lil’ pimento bits in the centre). Lastly sprinkle on some dried oregano. I love the taste of oregano, so I don’t sprinkle, I shower my wafers with it! It looks nice (a bit like the Italian flag) and is yummy-in-the-tummy! It takes not more than 5 minutes to hash together.

  2. Shruti

    Another one –

    You will need the following: whole wheat crackers, haloumi (aka Arabic soft cheese)/paneer (aka Indian cottage cheese), tamarind puree, wasabi, sesame seeds.

    Take whole wheat crackers (plain, not the flavoured ones, as this recipe has a lot of flavour). Slice up haloumi cheese/paneer. Heat some sesame oil on a tosser and shaker, think it’s called a skillet! When the oil is nearly smokin’, add the slices of haloumi cheese/paneer to the skillet and toss till golden brown. Don’t cook for too long, or these cheeses will turn rubbery.

    For the tamarind puree – get some tamarind from your Thai food store or “imli” from your Indian food store. Soak tamarind in water (just about 2-3 tablespoons) and nuke in the micro for 3-5 minutes. When the tamarind gets soft, you can de-seed it and pass the juice through a strainer. Add a tsp of spicy chilli flakes and a tsp of sugar and mix well.

    Toast sesame seeds on a medium flame.

    Take a wafer. Lay one slice of cheese on it. Then slather on some of the tamarind puree. Depending on your taste for wasabi, either put a speck on top of the tamarind or slather it on. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds.

    This recipe is an Asian take on your typical crackers and cheese. The tamarind is tart and sweet at the same time, the wasabi goes straight up your nose. Both these flavours are balanced by the crackers and cheese. These cheeses are cow’s milk cheeses and are not cured for long, so they have a buttery, but not too strong flavour. Enjoy!!!

    Let me know if you like it. 🙂

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