Before the bread starts walking away

I’m fond of a good réchauffé once in a while. Now this recipe -stolen from my mum-isn’t precisely that, but more a put-bits-and-bobs-together deal. The chief protagonist is bread that’s might have gone slightly stale, but is still edible (the last bit here is the important thing, unless one fancies a post-supper dash down to the A&E).

Here’s the lowdown (with the key ingredients underlined, if like me you cook on the fly with the laptop open to the recipe):
  • You’ll need all the veg in your fridge that you can (a) possibly have together at the same time (b) that you can’t figure out an alternate use for and need to finish. My personal favourites are carrots, cauliflower and peas. I’ve gone for baby corn once in a while too.
  • Potatoes– I poke them with forks, blitz them in the microwave for about ten minutes, and cube them with the skins on.
  • You’ll need aforementioned bread, diced into squares. Say 9 squares to the slice.
  • Oh, and some chopped onion, and a few tomatoes (or purée).

Thats’s it for the prepping.

Heat some vegetable oil, and when the oil is hot, add a dash of garlic (paste/ couple of pods squashed on the flat of the knife, whatever works), and chopped chillies if you like a little zing.

The onions go in first, and when they’re a bit translucent, the veg goes in (longest to cook goes first -I’m looking at you, cauliflower- then carrots, then peas). Add salt and a dash of sugar to taste (a pinch of sugar really rounds out the flavour). Finally, the taties, then the tomatoes, then the bread. Give it an almighty stir. Squish it a bit, always tastes nicer squished! Let the tomatoes simmer and bread fry.

I like to sprinkle a bit of lemon juice and some chopped coriander and cracked black pepper on top. Sweet chilli sauce also tastes fab. There you go. Bon appetit.



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