Hasty pasta with artichoke hearts

Please look away now if you’re Italian because this pasta did not come from the cobbled streets of Napoli or Rome, and I suspect a telling-off would be headed my way!

I stir fried bacon bits in olive oil with a dash of garlic, then added six chopped tomatoes and later, when this was mostly melted down, emptied a tin of drained and roughly chopped artichoke hearts in salt water.

This time round I used basil flavoured linguine. Pop the linguine into enough boiling water to cover it, and add a dash of salt. When it’s al dente, which you can judge by trying to cut it cleanly with your spatula or spoon, drain the water, drizzle some olive oil, and add the sauce.

Spoon the sauce onto the pasta, grind some pepper on top. Sprinkle some capers.
Here it is- a hasty TV dinner.


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One response to “Hasty pasta with artichoke hearts

  1. SB

    Looks like a healthy option!

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