Indecision- A Tale of Three Colours

Inspired in no small part by two of my UBER-favourite blogs, Apartment Therapy and Young House Love, I’ve been thinking on decor plans for a very long time now and recently painted a light fitting from a very ugly dirty gold, to plain white. I don’t have a ‘before’ photo unfortunately.

This is just a coat of primer. I’ll be taking my own sweet time (which basically means I will stew in my indecision till I reach another level of..indecision!) to decide whether I want to paint it gloss white, or some other colour. I’m thinking sunshine yellow or a pop of bright red or turquoise. At this moment. I think.
One person who doesn’t care about the colour is my dog. He thought this light pendant was some form of food because I was painting it on the dining table. He would not stop staring at it and drooling! It took a nice strong whiff of white spirits to convince him otherwise.

And just to leave you with some joy, here is my beloved Schleich Allosaurus (he’s too rugged for a name- but if he had a name, Charlie would probably be it!) sniffing the flowers.

Oh, and the dino collage is coming along a bit now. Will post more pix soon. Be scared. Be very scared!



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2 responses to “Indecision- A Tale of Three Colours

  1. Aw thanks for the mention! And happy blogging!xo,s (& j)

  2. Shruti

    Hey I’d go for the sunshiny chrome yellow! Or you could even try a moss green, as the pendant has a leafy pattern. Depends on the decor of the rest of your room.

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