Sycamore Pixellation

It was raining. We were at a friend’s flat- a warehouse conversion with beautiful exposed beams, and I clicked these snaps.

And through the beautiful exposed rafters.

That got me thinking.

One of my favourite trees, the sycamore, has this beautiful dappled bark. Close up, this is what it looks like.

Could it be that Van Gogh and the other impressionists and post-impressionists were inspired by the rain pattering on a window, and the bark of a tree? Look at this self portrait for instance.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

That most beautiful of pictures, De sterrennacht, The Starry Night.

 Source: Wikimedia Commons

 Or this Monet- The Cliffs at Etretat.

Source: Wikimedia Commons



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3 responses to “Sycamore Pixellation

  1. Anjali

    Like your train of thought here. Your photos through the rain-splattered window do look remarkably Impressionistic. Who knows, maybe Van Gogh did use the rain as inspiration!

  2. Shruti

    Incidentally, Van Gogh spent years painting the cypress trees of Provence to try and get the impression of their movements in the wind. Which is what you see in Starry Starry Night, cypresses with the night sky as backdrop.

    If you think about it, “cypress” and “sycamore” share the same first syllable phonetically.

  3. didn’t know that! thanks.

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