Spring has sprung!

And here’s the proof.

I definitely need a better camera. Also, some organic weed killer.

Ever noticed how weeds are the ultimate survivors of evolution? They have more advanced survival tactics than any other plant. Half of them have stems that snap immediately if you try to pull them out. And the other half have roots that insidiously dig so deep down that you need to get in there with a shovel to get them out.



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6 responses to “Spring has sprung!

  1. Neighbour!

    Ah! I see the red tulips!

  2. Neighbour- these were planted two years ago and heartily ignored ever since! they seem to have a strong survival instinct too- touchwood.

  3. dev

    about time too… after the long, cold winter…nice snaps

  4. Anjali

    Love the first two images. What camera do you have?

  5. Neha

    Lovely pictures Ish!! another flower that has great survivor skills is the winter Pansy … they are like the Phoenix … reduced to ashes from which new, young flowers bloom every time it rains … Summer or winter!! Truely amazing!!!

  6. @Anjali- thanks! It’s a bog standard Fuji Finepix 12 megapixel cam.
    @Neha-thank you! any plant that has good survival skills works for me! Ideally I would like the effort to be inversely proportional to the output. not asking for much then.

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