All your base are belong to us

Sue/Sunayana over at her fantastic blog (which I’ve only discovered today and have been up all night reading) is hosting a red marker blogathon. Here is where she explains what to do.

What fun! Someone actually asking me to bitch out loud about some of my pet grammatical peeves! Without further ado, here they are.

“Infact”, instead of “in fact”.

As in “Infact I will proceed to combine two perfectly good words into one.”


“I think so, that” instead of “I think”.

“I think so, that my grammar is perfect.” (Do you now?)


“Revert back”, instead of “revert”.

“I will revert back to you.” (If you need to revert back, then what is plain reverting all about? Is ‘revert back’ the extra premium service?)


I would have added ‘tensed’ except I think Uttara has this covered.

Disclaimer: I do reserve the right to come back and add new ones as and when they pop out of the mental woodwork. And believe you me, there are plenty wriggling in there.

Indignant update: And what about “chat up” instead of plain homely old “chat”? It’s a conversation, not a come-on!



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5 responses to “All your base are belong to us

  1. Sue


    Cover as much as you like. Post, re-post, riposte, as you please.

    You know what combined word gets my fingers itching for the red marker? Alright!

  2. Dev Anand

    ha ha.. good… i think this one is a very very good blog only…..

  3. “I think so that” drives me up the wall too!

    Ughsome is a lovely name.

  4. Poly

    Revert back is the 360 degree service…

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