I am a confirmed List Monster. There is no hope for me. I make lists of lists. Then colour code them, and scratch out items, and make the list all over again.

Imagine my joy when I stumbled across this amazing site called Listbean. Unless you love making your lists from scratch each time (and that is perfectly understandable, no judgment there!) this gives you a headstart into the serious business of making your list.

They allow you to customize pre-populated checklists so you can use them to suit you. I haven’t tried it yet myself but the premise- as well as the basic checklists- look good.

"Monica Bing had nothing on her."



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3 responses to “Listopia

  1. List monsters of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your lists …….. and you can always write them down all over again and enjoy doing so.

  2. Shru

    Feel free to make my lists for me!!! 🙂

    I hate making lists. Only make them in dire situations, i.e., when I change cities, houses, jobs. Never on a daily basis. They just make one feel inadequate, there’s always tons to do and never enough time to finish it all in!!! No matter how strictly one allocates time.

  3. dev anand

    amazing…..i make lists and then forget them somewhere and then make another list and forget them again……

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