One fat baby pigeon

Here is the baleful baby pigeon I captured with my camera in India (Calcutta, to be precise) recently. This baby was curled up on the window ledge under the air conditioner external unit. There was a TREMENDOUS storm the day after this photo was taken – one of those nor’wester types where the wind gets whipped into a frenzy in half an hour flat and you can’t physically open the windows because the wind is so strong. I checked after the storm and he (or she) was fine. What a tenacious little scrap!

"This dame with the portable lightning needs to get out of my face.."

"..or I'll sit and glare at her till she does."


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One response to “One fat baby pigeon

  1. drila

    This is clearly what the baby meant- Hey dude, stop taking snaps of me!! haha!! Lovely snaps!!Cute baby… 🙂 Once I had witnessed a baby pigeon hatching out its egg! It was memorable! It was the size of a small bottle-cap, all pink and yellow, shivering weakly till its mother came back to the nest…:) Believe it or not- We have this external AC unit which houses 3 nests currently!! 🙂 🙂

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