Spam, Nori and the Patient Bulldog

Rite of passage alert- I received my first spam comment today, which of course has been moderated so you don’t have to read all about ***TopDealerOnline CHEAP VIAGRA Rep1caR0lexWatches FREE SAMPLES*** CLICK HERE Super 78% sale Free dEl1very. On the other hand it means some spammer somewhere feels it’s worth spamming this little dusty corner of the ginormous universe that is the internet.

Moving on swiftly. Here are the Weimeraner and the bulldog who were waiting patiently outside the Tengelmann Supermarkt in Munich at the crossing of Brudermühlstraße and Implerstraße whilst their owner was buying something inside. I was of course inside trying to buy Paulaner beer and Japanese rice crackers (love the ones with nori– doesn’t sound half as tasty if you call it Porphyra though, OR if you see this picture), absent-mindedly offering pound notes, forgetting to buy a bag, then offering my credit card for a 20 cent bag, and generally making a hash of things in my haste. 

Wolfgang faced dissension in the ranks.

...but he was On The Job.

Speaking of which, check out Lolcats if you haven’t already. Nick Clegg’s hilarious lolcats treatment is analysed in careful detail here!



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4 responses to “Spam, Nori and the Patient Bulldog

  1. drila

    Very interesting 🙂 Your creative captions remind me of military comics i used to read as a child… Damn i don’t remember it!! Was it Spiff? well i dunno… But this is a cute blog!! 🙂 keep it up!

  2. dev anand

    Methings british bulldogs are bigger and more pugnacious (looking)….

  3. Not sure what I like better, the photos or the captions. Both are very clever.

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