House of Kitsch@Munich

No, the name of the place isn’t actually The House of Kitsch, but it might as well have been. 

For instance- who could resist bearded sparkly frogs with exalted expressions in lotus positions? 

"The lotus position didn't sell. Next time they vowed to stock up on the bearded frogs in downward-dog. And a bit more beard."

Or the Sexy Apron (Purpose- Unknown. Stun factor- Tremendous). 

"For when a normal apron just doesn't cut it."

Or silver sofas. No? Come ON! 

"For that extra dash of pizzaz in your living room."



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3 responses to “House of Kitsch@Munich

  1. Borrowed Abode

    Oh my lord. Worse than the sofas, what on earth is that gold thing behind them?
    Your blog always gives me a laugh. 🙂

  2. thanks! 🙂
    Heck the silver sofa was so distracting that I completely missed the blinged-up giant alien sea cucumber!

  3. I loved the sprakly frogs 🙂

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