Ginkgo meets X-Acto

So I woke up at 5 am today when the day promised to be a glorious warm(ish) Saturday. Of course, I had some work to finish. By the time I had finished sending my emails at eight thirty, it had started drizzling.

Obviously I saw no option but to break out my much loved, yet severely underused, X-Acto knife and inflict a little good old-fashioned punishment on my stash of coloured paper. I used to use an old mouse pad as a base before, but having pretty much shredded that mouse pad, I now use plastic files. Clean to cut against, and cheap to replace.

Can you tell that I love the general fan-shape of ginkgo leaves?

I finally decided to go with a blue background. The fact that the only sheet of paper I had that was big enough, was blue, may have had something to do with the decision. White made it look too cold, and I’m not a fan of cool decor. Which is why I may swap the blue out with a warmer colour when I get round to it. In any event, till I can take that momentous decision, here is my mini-ginkgo-outburst.


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One response to “Ginkgo meets X-Acto

  1. Kauser Kazem

    That is so beautiful! Carry on.

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