Go on- waste some time here. You knows you wants to!


March 2011



 Feb 2011 (Yes, got lazy in the second half of 2010, didn’t I?)

Pongo’s in Trouble: the Orangutans are Dying

The stegosaur collage 

Selfridges windows

The food trail at Soho

Baker Street

Out and about


July 2010

When life gives you lemons, suck it up

Summer Days!

Orko. No, really.

‘Nuff said

The Prescience of Octopi


June 2010

House of Kitsch@Munich

Spam, Nori and the Patient Bulldog

One fat baby pigeon


All your base are belong to us


April 2010

The Great Soap Conspiracy

Spring has sprung!

Sycamore Pixellation

Indecision- A Tale of Three Colours


February 2010

Hasty pasta with artichoke hearts


January 2010

Lazy spud supper

Ode to the Spud

Before the bread starts walking away


A lovely little snack

Cheap and cheerful Ipod sock

Tree ornaments

Blue Fuzzy-Wuzzy.. or the perils of novelty yarn

The pink scarf

Bold attempts at crochet


December 2009

The owl collage

The hedgehog collage


July 2009

Shiny Happy People in a Shiny Happy World

Tart summer delights


May 2009

Home alone- and cushions not shredded

The Dishwasher Commandments

The Professional Couch Potato

Vociferous baggage of the four legged kind

Wrapping up- a checklist

The Nightmare that is moving. With a capital N.


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