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Ginkgo meets X-Acto

So I woke up at 5 am today when the day promised to be a glorious warm(ish) Saturday. Of course, I had some work to finish. By the time I had finished sending my emails at eight thirty, it had started drizzling.

Obviously I saw no option but to break out my much loved, yet severely underused, X-Acto knife and inflict a little good old-fashioned punishment on my stash of coloured paper. I used to use an old mouse pad as a base before, but having pretty much shredded that mouse pad, I now use plastic files. Clean to cut against, and cheap to replace.

Can you tell that I love the general fan-shape of ginkgo leaves?

I finally decided to go with a blue background. The fact that the only sheet of paper I had that was big enough, was blue, may have had something to do with the decision. White made it look too cold, and I’m not a fan of cool decor. Which is why I may swap the blue out with a warmer colour when I get round to it. In any event, till I can take that momentous decision, here is my mini-ginkgo-outburst.


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The stegosaur collage

This lonely stegosaur had been in need of a background frame and a story ever since I blogged about him in January 2010.

And here, finally, is the completed collage where he finds himself in company, and what’s more, in the presence of food. Very glad to have finished this, considering this has been waiting to be completed for more than a year now!

"Ernie had a sneaking suspicion that the best ferns were being snapped up on the sly right under his nose."

Click to see the picture in greater detail.


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Tree ornaments

I could not believe my luck when I found these fabulous wooden Christmas tree ornaments all for the princely sum of £1. I really should have snapped up more than one box. It’s got a tree, an angel (on a sleigh!), a gingerbread man, a star, a snowman, the works! Click on the picture below to see an enlarged image.

I also made this paper chain- a cheap, cheerful and hasty an efficiently made affair from scrap paper odds and ends, but I found it jazzed up the tree quite nicely.

Some of the decorations were a bit of cheating like this snipped up gift label tied up with a scrap of golden ribbon.

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Introducing the gift wrap monster

I love giving presents. If I don’t have presents to give, I can wrap gifts from others to other people! This Christmas was no different- I was a menace with scissors and ribbon, terrorising people to produce their gifts so I could wrap them up.
This is one of the gifts I wrapped this time. I fully expected the gift itself to be an anticlimax – it was a jar of olives from Fortnum & Mason. Turns out it wasn’t such an anticlimax after all because the recipient- my husband- loves olives.

This is another one. I’m still working out my hedgehog obsession (the hedgehog collage clearly only encouraged me to continue).
Some flowers- an easy option when you’re tired cutting out different shapes. It’s a no-brainer. I think I had given up on the ribbon by now The bow is minimalistic.

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Snowflake streamers. Not as cool as this, but the homely variety. I only made two because I ran out of patience very soon (predictably enough). They look good at night with the tree lit up next to them. You just snip up the design after folding the paper into a square (or smaller), then you take needle and white thread and string ’em up. The good thing is you only need to tape them to the glass at one point. Don’t forget to flatten them or iron them with cloth on top though. I put a huge stone mortar and pestle on mine overnight, after laying them flat between two layers of table mat. For a real pro look at snowflakes, check this out.

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Christmas pompoms

Here are the red Christmas pom-poms I made, inspired to no small extent by this post on one of my favourite sites of all time. The beauty of this is how easy these are to make.   All you need is a few sheets of tissue paper and some twine to tie them. A pair of scissors. Yeah, that’s it.

Here is the how-to.
I did a few yellow ones as a sort of trial run. Here they are.
And here is the other one, tied to the roller blinds here.
If you use less sheets, the pom poms end up looking more like flowers. If you use more sheets they become more spherical like the red ones at the top of this post.

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