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Telly wot done me in

Ah the temptations that get thrown at us! Good honest folk just trying to get on with their work. So here I was at the beginning of the evening, with all those hours stretching before me, and some documents to finish working on.

7 turned to 8. I surfed the net.
8 turned to 9. I did not stop surfing.
9 turned to 10, turned to 11. I watched Liar Liar.
11 turned to 12, turned to 1. I switched to Monster in Law.
Now it’s 1:30 precisely, the contact lenses are making me feel really sleepy, and those darn documents have not magically disappeared. Add to this a call that starts at 9am tomorrow and it’s fair to say I am going to be knackered. If I make it through this night. Better call it a day then. No sad joke intended. I somehow don’t think ‘contact lenses making me feel sleepy’ will cut it as an excuse tomorrow.

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The Professional Couch Potato

You may be a couch potato at heart, but it’s not enough till you have the couch to be said potato on. Every accomplished couch potato should know how to pick a good couch. I would go so far as to say that picking a good couch is a survival skill for the human spud.
Springiness and posture: This one’s a no-brainer. If you wanted a trampoline you should have gone to the sports goods store. And if you wanted to sink into something soft and slushy, what you need is a bathtub and bath foam. Also, you don’t want one where your back sinks in further than the rest of you. That can get grating after a while, and downright painful after a few months.
Colour me grey: Do you have anyone in your house who’ll barf over the couch or draw on it with crayon? I meant – do you have a pet or children? You may be better off with the staid charcoal couch rather than the fancy lime green one you fancied in the online catalogue. I find a stripey pattern distracts from any obvious smudges too.
Washability or removability: When you choose a couch that’s got non-washable upholstery or upholstery that’s fastened with studs to the frame, you’d better be darn sure that (a) you’ll not be spilling things on it, and (b) you don’t have a dog that sheds or a child that barfs onto it.

Covers: If you have a child or a pooch or are generally clumsy with your TV dinner, get a sofa cover or a fitted throw. I got some nice ones (one red and one chocolate brown) from La Redoute but I don’t see it in their catalogue this year. Apart from the struggle to fit it on right side up each time it’s washed, it really helps when guests come and voila, I whip it off to reveal clean sofa!!

Cushions: For the love of god don’t overload the sofa with so many cushions that your guests have to remove them when they sit, which is when you bark at them to not dump the cushions on the carpet. Not fun.

Last but not the least, the ultimate couch accessory, especially for those cold winter nights, is a snuggly dog. Let them curl up and go to sleep, then get a nice cuppa and tuck your feet under them. Enjoy!

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