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Selfridges windows

I love Selfridges windows. Always something new and interesting to see.

This stunning castle was made from newspaper.


This was a bit visceral. A bit "Here is the motorbike, and here are its innards".


I got a red-induced sugar rush just seeing this. In an entirely wonderful way.

"Because you can never have enough of the colour red."


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The food trail at Soho

Here’s China Town festooned with paper lanterns. No pictures of the dimsum- who can be bothered taking pictures when they’re just begging to be eaten?!?

And a lovely pork Mooli at Mooli’s in Soho with some delish mango lassi on the side.

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Baker Street

It was a rain swept day, as usual, but with a small surprise – shall we call it a pot of gold? – at the end of it.

 I was on the phone. I hung up immediately to take a picture. Judging by this picture, the pot of gold should be somewhere directly behind Madame Tussaud’s, but we won’t put too fine a point on it.

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Out and about

First of all, I’ve been AWOL for so long I’m amazed that my blog even responds to my password! Sorry about that.

And to kickstart 2011, I’m going to do a series of posts on my favourite city. Which is to say, there will be a lot of pictures taken when I’ve been out and about. When I can identify where I’ve been, I’ll caption it.

Kicking off with the unlikely Canary Wharf area then!


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