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When life gives you lemons, suck it up

“The tree shafted Fred by letting its fruit fall for the squirrels”.

(Please note that Fred’s abuse of choice is “Cats!” as opposed to “Rats!” Though given that he’s moaning about squirrels, ‘rats’ might have been more appropriate.)



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Tart summer delights

..I’m only talking about wild blackberries.

These are in my view the best thing about the English summer. They’re juicy, sour (which in my book just hits the spot) and best of all, grow freely in all sorts of places. A short walk followed by a berry picking break and snack, and then a brisk walk back is the best way to spend a morning. They’re SO much better than supermarket blackberries.

What I would watch out for, though:

  • The thorns! They’re long and sharp and insidiously tucked away behind the juiciest looking berries.
  • Not picking berries below a certain level. That level is roughly thigh level. You never know which dog is peeing on what.
  • Icky insects- particularly if like me you don’t bother to go home and wash them, but just cram them into your mouth in an instant-gratification trip.

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